Do I have to do the Foundations Class if I am already fit?

We ask that everyone attend the Foundations Class regardless of fitness level.  Our Foundations Class not only explains  the movements, and movement standards, we’ll also discuss some of the CrossFit methodology.  Foundations Class is a great time to meet other new members and ask any questions you may have about your CrossFit journey.  (If you are not new to CrossFit please talk to a coach after your first class)

Why is CrossFit so expensive?

For anyone that has purchased a membership at a chain gym you will understand all you bought was access to machines and limited free weights in a crowded space.  CrossFit coaches will not only teach you how to perform the most technical exercises they also program all of your workouts so you don’t fall into the pattern of repetition.  Consider us discounted personal training.  In an attempt to reach the most people possible, we have priced ourselves comparably with other group fitness classes in the Des Moines area.  With your monthly membership you are welcome to attend as many classes as you would like throughout the month, and you will have full access to our Wodify program. In every class you will have attentive coaches ready to assist you in anyway we can, to improve your experience and get the most out of your workout time.

Is CrossFit Safe?

CrossFit is absolutely safe when exercises are performed correctly.  Our focus is on personal progression not pushing unrealistic goals on our athletes.  CrossFit is centered around functional movements, each day in the gym is preparing you for life lived more effectively and safer outside the gym.

I’ve seen CrossFit on TV,  won’t I need to get in way better shape before I start?

This mindset is unfortunate and keeps people from getting in the best shape of their life now!  CrossFit is scaleable to any fitness level, we encourage you to begin now and let CrossFit get you into shape.

What is your drop in policy?

If you are a current member at another CrossFit Affiliate our drop in rate is $15.